Dental Office Available

Suite A1-4

Phone 215-962-0303

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4382 sq ft (3714 net)

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Annual Expenses

School Taxes                     8,599.68
County/Boro Taxes            2,134.84
Condo Fees                      10,337.00
Insurances                         1,262.00
Electric                              5,571.14

Total                              $27,904.66

A1-4 Exam Room #7 Exam Room #6 Exam Room #5 Dr. Office Exam Room #3 Exam Room #2 Hallway Hallway Toilet Room Hallway Hallway Nurses Station Reception Hallway Hallway Toilet Room Lunch Area Cabinets Hallway File Rooms Administration and Manager Office Billing and Scheduling Area Reception Lobby Lobby Waiting Area Waiting Area Waiting Area Toilet Room Dr. Office Exam #11 Nurses Station Hallway Hallway Exam Room #9 Lab Exam Room #8

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